Attention! In total QSO LoTW are valid for RDA Programm.

The Russian Districts Award (RDA), sponsored by Tambov Award Group (TAG),
is issued for radio contacts with specified numbers of districts of the Russian Federation
according to the RDA list of districts.

The RDA award is available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world.

The basic RDA certificate can be obtained for working at least 100 districts.

In addition, separate certificates and plaques are available as follows:

Award typeClassDistricts required
Certificate RDA-250250
Plaque Honor Roll2500
Honor Roll #1ALL

Contacts may be made on any HF band using any mode since June 12, 1991.


The application must be based on the QSL cards received. The use of our application form is recommended. An application must contain: callsign, QSO data and district number as per RDA list of districts. It is not necessary to submit QSL cards, however the award manager reserves the right to request any specific cards to satisfy any doubt. The application form must be signed by two licensed radio amateurs (with the highest license class) or an official of the local radio club. For later applications for higher class RDA certificates, only the subsequent QSOs must be listed, as well as the number of the basic award and the date it was issued.

Award fee

The cost of the RDA certificate (any class) is equivalent to $12 US or 12 IRC.
The cost of the RDA-2500 "Honor Roll" plaque is equivalent to $60 US or 60 EUR.
The cost of the RDA-ALL "Honor Roll #1" plaque is equivalent to $65 US or 65 EUR.

The address of the award manager:

RA3R, Roman A.Novikov, Pochtamt, On Demand, 392000 - TAMBOV, Russia



These are some of the frequencies where the RDA-activity can be found:

SSB1850 3650 3780 7080 14180 18180 21180 24980 28580
CW1820 3520 7020 10120 14020 18080 21020 24910 28020

with 14180 and 14020 being the most popular.




Thank UA9CIR for translation!